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The retrieval of classical architecture in the Quattrocento : the role of rhetoric in the formulation of Alberti's theory of architecture

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ECK, Caroline A. van ;
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International Congress of the History of Art (29th, 1996, Amsterdam); Memory & oblivion : proceedings of the XXIXth International Congress of the History of Art held in Amsterdam, 1-7 September 1996; Dordrecht; Kluwer Academic Publishers ;
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English ;
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Examines an aspect of the retrieval of classical architecture and theory that has hardly been studied until now: the part played by Byzantine scholars such as Manuel Chrysoloras and humanist writers like Alberti or Giannozzo Manetti in applying the principles and concepts of rhetoric to architecture. As a result, Italian humanists were able to discuss architecture in new ways by means of a conceptual apparatus that was already familiar to educated readers, that of rhetoric. However, a detailed study of their role in the form and content of Alberti's De re aedificatoria is still lacking. As a first step towards filling this gap, discusses the interpretation of concinnitis, one of Alberti's key concepts, and argues that a number of the innovatory aspects of De re aedificatoria can only be understood as the results of a typically rhetorical attitude towards architecture, learning and classical antiquity. ;
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Alberti, Leon Battista, 1404-1472 ; Antiquité ; Architecture ; Classicisme ; De re aedificatoria ; Italie ; Rhétorique ; Théorie de l'architecture ; Traité ; 1400-1500 ;
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Alberti, Leon Battista, 1404-1472 ; Antiquity ; Architectural theory ; Architecture ; Classicism ; De re aedificatoria ; Italy ; Rhetoric ; Treatises ; 1400-1500 ;
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Communication de congrès ;
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24975589 ;
ISBN 0792342135 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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