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Eating words

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NIXON, Mignon ;
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English ;
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The Destruction of the Father (1974) marks a signal shift in Bourgeois' production. From He Disappeared into Complete Silence, a suite of etchings published in 1947, through the carved Personages of the late 1940s and 1950s, and the deformational plaster and latex pieces of the 1960s, Bourgeois' work enacts a logic of the drives. In their deflation of phallic form and marring of signification, these earlier bodies of work can be read as registering gender-political resistance from below, at the level of the infantile drives. The Destruction of the Father deploys similar material means, but to very different effect. It reworks the object-of-the-drives as a phantasmatic scene, and a scene that, moreover, lends itself to being framed as a photographic image. The enclosing frame of the photograph published on the March 1975 cover of Artforum magazine restores to the dispersed field of the installation the coherence of a picture. Coupled with Bourgeois' narrative titling, this enframement allowed The Destruction of the Father to enter contemporary discourse, and famously to voice an overt attack on patriarchal authority. Yet, as this essay attempts to demonstrate, here the logic of Bourgeois' earlier work both breaks through and breaks: effects of fragmentation and deformation that previously operated against the grain of the image now are delivered, magnified, via the image. ;
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Bourgeois, Louise, n.1911 ; Destruction of the Father ; Etats-Unis ; Interprétation ; Patriarcat ; Sculpture ; Sexe (catégorie) ; 1900-2000 ;
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Bourgeois, Louise, b.1911 ; Destruction of the Father ; Gender (sex) ; Interpretation ; Patriarchy ; Sculpture ; United States ; 1900-2000 ;
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Article ;
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Oxford art journal, 1999, 22, 2
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24974839 ;
ISSN 0142-6540 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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Setsquare, Oxford
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