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Old bones and cocktail dresses : Louise Bourgeois and the question of age

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POLLOCK, Griselda ;
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Anglais ;
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Focusing on two works about moments in the history of feminine sexuality, Precious Liquids (1992) and Untitled (1996): a tree-structure on which from hangers made of old beef bones are suspended cocktail dresses and lingerie of an earlier era, this article considers Louise Bourgeois' sculptural installations of the 1990s as dialogical with major contemporaries from Duchamp to Mary Kelly whose work defines the problematic representation of sexuality and desire within the transformative vocabularies and intellectual frames of 20th-c. artistic and sexual politics. Arguing against both modernist terms of 'influence' and current critical entrapments in psychobiography, while insisting upon the play of cultural cross-currents and the 'necessity' of singular psychic intensities pressing from the artist's life history, the paper argues that both the anxiety of ageing, with its disruptions of temporality and memory through the radical dislocation of subjectivity from the body, and the belatedness of trauma piercing the ever more permeable psychic shield to make the past an almost unbearably intense present that must now be worked through, offer ways to read the work (in the Freudian sense of dream-work) effected by Louise Bourgeois' inventive sculptural vocabulary of interrelating installations, objects and spaces that came to invest in images of the cage, bones and fleshless spider that presided over the 1997-1998 exhibition Recent works. ;
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Bourgeois, Louise, n.1911 ; Etats-Unis ; Femmes ; Installation (oeuvre d'art) ; Sculpture ; Sexualité ; Vieillissement ; 1900-2000 ;
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Aging ; Bourgeois, Louise, b.1911 ; Installation works ; Sculpture ; Sexuality ; United States ; Women ; 1900-2000 ;
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Article ;
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Oxford art journal, 1999, 22, 2
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24974840 ;
ISSN 0142-6540 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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Setsquare, Oxford
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