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Bourgeois prehistory, or, The ransom of fantasies

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WAGNER, Anne M. ;
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English ;
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The point of departure for this essay is two assumptions which have ruled responses to the art of Louise Bourgeois since the mid 1960s. The first is that her work eludes stylistic classification, or falls outside ideas of 'stylistic development'. The second is that her own autobiographical reflections on her work and its content are adequate guides to understanding both its workings as sculpture and its bodily effects. Against these assumptions the essay proposes to understand Bourgeois' art in light of various notions of regression, the bodily and sculptural included. And it argues further that such regressions involve a return to the terrain of pre-history, not as psychic stage, but as cultural resource: it points again to Bourgeois' reliance on paleolithic art, and its geographical contexts, particular the geology of the cave. Such topographic effects are part of a wide-ranging set of sculptural strategies that give her art its particular effects of enclosure, and feed the odd sense of fragmentary, self-sensing embodiment that viewers often struggle to describe. ;
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21 ill. ;
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Bourgeois, Louise, n.1911 ; Etats-Unis ; Interprétation ; Paléolithique ; Sculpture ; Source ; Style ; 1900-2000 ;
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Bourgeois, Louise, b.1911 ; Interpretation ; Paleolithic ; Sculpture ; Source ; Style ; United States ; 1900-2000 ;
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Article ;
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Oxford art journal, 1999, 22, 2
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24974836 ;
ISSN 0142-6540 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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Setsquare, Oxford
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