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Imaging the early medieval Bible; University Park; Pennsylvania State University Press

Problems of form and function in early medieval illustrated Bibles from northwest Europe

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NEES, Lawrence ;
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English ;
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Nees concludes 'in early medieval northwestern Europe, the production of Bibles is unusual in any form, for the simple reason that demand was low. Lacking a clear devotional or liturgical function, if a monastery or cathedral wanted a complete Bible at all, it was likely only if significant learned activity took place there, and there was a desire for a scriptural corpus. Hence in comparison to Gospel books and Psalters in particular, Bibles of any kind are rare, and luxuriously decorated Bibles are even more rare. Not only every church but every altar needed a Gospel book and some service book, and as the preeminent and symbolically charged service book, it was common to provide Gospel books with luxurious decoration, for the greater glory of God and the salvation of his people. The very few luxuriously decorated Bibles were extraordinary gifts, impressive but fundamentally useless except as gift to all but a few great scholars like Bede, except in the different but nonetheless important sense of representation in physical form of the unity of the scriptural corpus.' The author concentrates on Carolingian works, and the Codex Amiatinus (Florence, Biblioteca medicea-laurenziana, MS Amiatinus I) produced at Monkwearmouth-Jarrow. ;
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pl. VIII-XII; 32 ill. (5 col.) ;
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Bible ; Bible (livre) ; Carolingien (art) ; Codex Amiatinus ; Dons ; Enluminure ; Europe du Nord-Ouest ; Firenze (ITA), Biblioteca medicea-laurenziana ; Fonction ; Forme ; Haut Moyen Age ; Iconographie ; MS Amiatinus I (Codex Amiatinus) ;
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Bible ; Bibles ; Carolingian ; Codex Amiatinus ; Early Middle Ages ; Europe, Northwestern ; Firenze (ITA), Biblioteca medicea-laurenziana ; Form ; Function ; Gifts ; Iconography ; Manuscript illumination ; MS Amiatinus I (Codex Amiatinus) ;
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Article ;
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24974712 ;
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