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Imaging the early medieval Bible; University Park; Pennsylvania State University Press

Bible illustration and the Jewish tradition

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The occurrence of extrabiblical, Jewish elements in Early Christian Old Testament iconography has led some scholars to the hypothetical assumption that both Early Christian and Late Antique Jewish narrative cycles hark back to still earlier (lost) Jewish illuminated manuscripts. Kogman-Appel revisits this theory. She writes 'Jewish-Christian contacts in Late Antiquity were a reality. The present discussion involves two different fields in which these contacts are manifest: biblical exegesis and Old Testament iconography. If we assume contacts on the exegetical level - often driven by polemical attitudes - we should not be surprised to find evidence for such contacts on a pictorial level as well. Both religions had reservations about figurative art during the 1st and 2nd cs.; both religions later experienced a change of mind. Christianity was not a visual culture from the beginning. Is it not possible that a cultural exchange between the two rival religions was more easily undertaken at the practical, everyday level of artistic workshops involving visual models than at the theoretical, exegetical, and theological levels?'. ;
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