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L'immagine e la storia : la damnatio memoriae della figura di Federico II nei cicli pittorici di Anagni, SS. Quattro Coronati, Grottaferrata, Parma

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Italian ;
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Aims to demonstrate not only how the language of images assumed primary importance in medieval political battles and played this role in a variety of ways and with an originality which until recently were mostly unknown, but also how one may use the known facts of the political struggles of the times to clarify some of the enigmatic and cryptical qualities of the figurative arts and to furnish aid in more precisely dating objects. Looks at the stories of Constantine and S. Sylvester in the church of SS. Quattro Coronati in Rome, a pictorial cycle of anti-Hohenstaufen meaning, and the stories of the Ark of Israel in the crypt of the cathedral of Anagni. Finds both here and in the stories of the martyrdom of S. Magno in Anagni strong anti-imperial allusions, and anti-Swabian meaning in the images of Moses in the abbey of Grottaferrata. The images of Abraham in the dome of the baptistry of Parma are also considered. Also, the representation of Frederick as a dragon in the Apocalypse diffused in contemporary miniatures are offered as further evidence of the political uses of art. Finally, the author proposes an interpretation of the figures represented on the monumental gold crucifix which came from the Cistercian abbey of Casamari, Frederick's favorite abbey (the crucifix is now the Veroli cattedrale). ;
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Abraham ; Anagni (ITA), S. Maria (cathédrale) ; Apocalypse (manuscrit) ; Arche d'alliance ; Art du métal ; Casamari, Abbazia di, Lazio (ITA) ; Constantin I le Grand, empereur, v.288-337 ; Crucifix ; Enluminure ; Frédéric II, empereur du Saint Empire romain germanique, 1194-1250 ; Grottaferrata (ITA), Abbazia di Grottaferrata, S. Maria (église) ; Iconographie ; Italie ; Moïse ; Parma (ITA), baptistère ; Peinture murale ; Politique ; Propagande ; Roma (ITA), SS. Quattro Coronati ; Sylvestre I, saint, pape, m.335 ; Veroli (ITA), S. Andrea Apostolo (cathédrale) ; 1200-1300 ;
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Abraham ; Anagni (ITA), S. Maria (cathedral) ; Apocalypses (manuscripts) ; Ark of the Covenant ; Casamari, Abbazia di, Lazio (ITA) ; Constantine I the Great, emperor, ca.288-337 ; Crucifixes ; Frederick II, Holy Roman emperor, 1194-1250 ; Grottaferrata (ITA), Abbazia di Grottaferrata, S. Maria (church) ; Iconography ; Italy ; Manuscript illumination ; Metalwork ; Moses ; Mural painting ; Parma (ITA), baptistery ; Politics ; Propaganda ; Roma (ITA), SS. Quattro Coronati ; Sylvester I, S., pope, d.335 ; Veroli (ITA), S. Andrea Apostolo (cathedral) ; 1200-1300 ;
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Article ;
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Arte medievale, 1996, 10, 2
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24974388 ;
ISSN 0393-7267 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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Viella, Roma
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