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Performing the past : the tapestry of the city and its saints in Tournai cathedral

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WEIGERT, Laura ;
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English ;
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The Lives of Piat and Eleutherius, donated by Toussaint Prier to the cathedral of Tournai in 1402, is the earliest extant example of a type of tapestry produced in large numbers for the choirs of churches in the 15th and early 16th cs. The contemporary significance of these tapestries can be understood only through an analysis of the entirety of each narrative cycle within its intended architectural and ceremonial environment. Relying on an 18th-c. transcription of the tituli of the now missing sections of the tapestry and evidence for its liturgical setting, this article presents a new reading of the Lives of Piat and Eleutherius. I argue that the woven vitae told a multi-layered story: the lives of Tournai's patron saints are combined with a genealogical narrative of the laity and the clergy, thereby producing a history of the city. Displayed along the length of the choir stalls, this particular version of the past contributed to a spectacle through which the cathedral chapter asserted its connection, and that of its bishop, to Tournai. In 1402, the ceremonial presentation of the tapestry provided a possible response to disputes concerning clerical appointments in the city. ;
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2] p. of pl., cover; 22 ill. (5 col.) ;
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Belgique ; Clergé ; Eleuthère, saint, évêque de Tournai, v.456-v.531 ; Iconographie ; Mobilier d'église ; Narration ; Piat, saint, m.v.286 ; Saints ; Tapisserie ; Titulus ; Tournai (BEL) ; Tournai (BEL), Notre-Dame (cathédrale) ; 1400-1500 ;
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Belgium ; Church furnishings ; Clergy ; Eleutherius, S., bishop of Tournai, ca.456-ca.531 ; Iconography ; Narrative ; Piat, S., d.ca.286 ; Saints ; Tapestry ; Tituli ; Tournai (BEL) ; Tournai (BEL), Notre-Dame (cathedral) ; 1400-1500 ;
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Article ;
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Gesta (Fort Tryon Park, N.Y.), 1999, 38, 2
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24974359 ;
ISSN 0016-920X ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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International Center of Medieval Art, Fort Tryon Park, NY
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