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The church of Santa Cruz and the beginnings of Mudejar architecture in Toledo

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RAIZMAN, David ;
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English ;
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Examines the architecture and the fresco program of the small brick church of S. Cruz in Toledo, built sometime after 1186 when the site was granted to the Order of the Hospital of S. John by the city's archbishop. The building comprises an apse added to a square mosque dated to the year 1000. Recognizing the seamless integration of Islamic and Christian construction, the article proposes that the date of the addition and its painting is best situated toward the end of the second quarter of the 13th c. rather than in the later 12th c. Based upon the style of the paintings, comparison with a firmly dated manuscript, and reconsideration of documentary sources previously used to establish the chronology of S. Cruz and other post-conquest churches in Toledo, the redating questions a longstanding tradition of scholarship. In addition, the article proposes to situate the unique style of building, known as Mudejar, derived from the term used to designate Muslims living in areas in Spain conquered by Christians, within the context of the changing social, political, military, and religious relations between Christians and Muslims in Toledo. In this context receptivity to Islamic forms in Christian art and architecture coincided with significant Castilian territorial gains and political aspirations in the wake of the battle of Las Navas de Tolosa. ;
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16 ill. ;
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Architecture ; Chrétiens ; Eglise ; Espagne ; Influence ; Mosquée ; Mudéjar (art) ; Musulman (art) ; Musulmans ; Peinture murale ; Politique ; Religion ; Réception ; Toledo (ESP), S. Cristo de la Luz ; 1000-1100 ; 1200-1300 ;
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Architecture ; Christians ; Churches ; Influence ; Islamic ; Mosques ; Mudejar ; Mural painting ; Muslims ; Politics ; Reception ; Religion ; Spain ; Toledo (ESP), S. Cristo de la Luz ; 1000-1100 ; 1200-1300 ;
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Article ;
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Gesta (Fort Tryon Park, N.Y.), 1999, 38, 2
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24974357 ;
ISSN 0016-920X ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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International Center of Medieval Art, Fort Tryon Park, NY
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