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Built to sell : the speculative house in 19th century London

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The hidden iceberg of architectural history; [S.l.]; The Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain ;
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English ;
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Considers the various building acts which served to shape the 19th c. speculative house. Explores the introduction of changes in plan and section, the introduction of new materials, new methods of construction and new services and illustrates the changes in the form of the buildings. Looks at the involvement of market forces and consumer pressure and the extent to which unbridled development was controlled by successive legislation. The influence of the leasehold system of development, so drastically castigated by Engels, on the actual shape of the house is explored in some detail. Demonstrates how a change of approach had to be forced on the developer or landlord if the speculative house was to be much improved, for instance by broadening the plot width. Concludes by suggesting that the greatest influence on the speculative house was probably the fluctuation of the market. ;
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7 plans ;
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Construction ; Economie ; Forme ; Grande-Bretagne ; London (GBR) ; Législation ; Maison ; Matériaux de construction ; Plan (disposition d'ensemble) ; Spéculation immobilière ; 1800-1900 ;
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Architectural materials ; Architectural plans ; Construction ; Economics ; Form ; Great Britain ; Houses ; Legislation ; London (GBR) ; Real estate investment ; 1800-1900 ;
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Communication de congrès ;
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24970666 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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