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Survival, resistance, and acculturation : Guaman Poma's use of costume and textile imagery

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WILSON, Lee Anne ;
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English ;
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Article focuses on concepts and definitions of group membership used by the native Andean chronicler, Guaman Poma de Ayala in a series of line drawings that accompany his momumental manuscript on the Incas, El primer nueva corónica y buen gobierno (The first new chronicle and good government), written between 1612 and 1615. Poma de Ayala was one of several indigenous writers of colonial Peru who were literate in both their native Quechua and Spanish and who tried to provide accounts of the conquest which were simultaneously intelligible to the Spaniards and faithful to indigenous traditions. El primer is divided into three sections, the new chronicle, conquest, and good government. The new chronicle details the history of pre-contact Andean society, the conquest section relates the encounter between the Spanish and the Incas. The good government section is primarily a series of vignettes describing the failure of the Spanish colonial government to justly govern the indigenous Andean peoples and suggestions for how the colonial government might improve its rule. 397 full-page line drawings illustrate the work. ;
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18 ill. ;
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Colonialisme ; Costume ; Culture ; Dessin ; Ecrits ; Espagne ; Illustration ; Incas ; Poma de Ayala, Felipe Guamán, v.1526-v.1615 ; Pérou ; Représentation ; Textiles ; 1600-1700 ;
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Colonialism ; Costume ; Culture ; Drawing ; Illustration ; Incas ; Peru ; Poma de Ayala, Felipe Guamán, ca.1526-ca.1615 ; Representation ; Spain ; Textiles ; Writings ; 1600-1700 ;
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Article ;
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Studies in iconography, 1998, 19
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24970019 ;
ISSN 0148-1029 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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Northern Kentucky University, Highland Heights, KY
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