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The Virgin lactans as second Eve : image of the salvatrix

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Elucidates the iconography of the ca.1400 painting The Madonna of Humility and the Temptation of Eve (Cleveland Museum of Art) by Carlo da Camerino. It depicts the Virgin, seated on a cushion, nursing her child. She is flanked by the archangels Gabriel and Michael, with S. George. Below the Virgin, separated from her by a border, is the reclining figure of Eve, covered by goatskin, with a fig in her hand. Staring fixedly at the fig is the serpent, which has a human head. Williamson concludes that the two women are presented as complementary players in the drama of Salvation. She writes 'if the Cleveland painting makes any statement about womanhood which the female viewer could apply to herself, it emphasizes that although sin entered the world by a woman, so too did the Salvation'. Includes discussion of other related images which combine Mary and Eve. ;
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Carlo da Camerino, act.1396 ; Cleveland (OH, USA), Cleveland Museum of Art ; Eve ; Gabriel l'archange, saint ; Georges, saint ; Iconographie ; Italie ; Michel, saint ; Peinture ; Vierge: A l'enfant: Allaitant ; Vierge: Nouvelle Eve ; 1300-1400 ;
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Carlo da Camerino, act.1396 ; Cleveland (OH, USA), Cleveland Museum of Art ; Eve ; Gabriel the Archangel, S. ; George, S. ; Iconography ; Italy ; Mary, Virgin: And Child: Nursing ; Mary, Virgin: Eve ; Michael the Archangel, S. ; Painting ; 1300-1400 ;
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Article ;
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Studies in iconography, 1998, 19
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24970017 ;
ISSN 0148-1029 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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Northern Kentucky University, Highland Heights, KY
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