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'Your garden must be a museum to you' : early American botanic gardens

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O'MALLEY, Therese ;
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Art and Science in America : Issues of Representation (1994, San Marino); Art and science in America : issues of representation; San Marino, CA; Huntington Library ;
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English ;
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Considers how the botanical garden achieved the status of an essential 'national object' and why cultural and political leaders found it useful for their purposes. Describes some of the earliest efforts to found botanic gardens in America, then examines a succession of botanic gardens planned for the national mall in Washington, DC. Argues that the botanic garden became the quintessential expression of both garden art and scientific inquiry and that it was particularly useful during the formative decades of American nationality, when the ruling elite was trying to establish superiority over Europe and to create a national identity celebrating the natural richness of the new continent as well as achievements in the sciences and the arts. ;
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15 ill. ;
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Etats-Unis ; Identité nationale ; Jardin ; Jardin botanique ; Sciences ; Washington, DC (USA), Mall ; 1700-1900 ;
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Botanical gardens ; Gardens ; National identity ; Science ; United States ; Washington, DC (USA), Mall ; 1700-1900 ;
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Communication de congrès ;
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24969938 ;
ISBN 0873281721 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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