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Das Grabmal für den Bischof Ranieri Ubertini in Cortona

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Studies the sepulchral monument of Bishop Ranieri Ubertini (Cortona, S. Francesco). Sets forth a brief history of the political circumstances that brought Ubertini to power, describes the present state of the tomb, and then presents thoughts on how this state differs from the original layout of the tomb's elements. Asserts that the reclining figure is from another tomb entirely, one made ca.1300-1310 by the circle of Gano di Fazio, and posits that it was added to fragments of Ubertini's tomb only in the 17th c. Sees the enthroned figure, on the other hand, as representing Ubertini, and gives the work to Giovanni d'Agostino. Presents a hypothetical reconstruction of those elements of the tomb that survive. ;
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Cortona (ITA), S. Francesco ; Gano da Siena, act.1303, m.v.1318 ; Giovanni d'Agostino, v.1310-ap.1347 ; Italie ; Monument funéraire ; Restitution intellectuelle ; Sculpture ; Ubertini, Ranieri, évêque de Cortone, act.1325, m.1348 ; 1300-1400 ;
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Cortona (ITA), S. Francesco ; Gano da Siena, act.1303, d.ca.1318 ; Giovanni d'Agostino, ca.1310-after 1347 ; Italy ; Reconstruction ; Sculpture ; Sepulchral monuments ; Ubertini, Ranieri, bishop of Cortona, act.1325, d.1348 ; 1300-1400 ;
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