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Un restauro molto antico nel monumento Annibaldi

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D'ACHILLE, Anna Maria ;
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Italian ;
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Studies the funerary monument of Riccardo Annibaldi, attributed to Arnolfo di Cambio, in S. Giovanni in Laterano (Rome). Pays particular attention to the head of the leftmost figure in the frieze, which (unlike the other figures in the frieze) was carved apart from the body. Notes that the head is distinct not only physically but stylistically and in the type of stone used. Posits that the head is a restoration to the monument and seeks to establish when the original might have been lost. Presents case for concluding that the damage probably occurred in the mid 17th c., but also suggests that the damage and repair could have occurred in the late 13th c. during the course of its initial installation. ;
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12 ill. ;
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Annibaldi, Riccardo, m.1289 ; Arnolfo di Cambio, v.1245-av.1310 ; Dégâts ; Italie ; Monument funéraire ; Restauration ; Roma (ITA), S. Giovanni in Laterano ; Sculpture ; Tombeau de Riccardo Annibaldi ; 1200-1300 ;
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Annibaldi, Riccardo, d.1289 ; Arnolfo di Cambio, ca.1245-before 1310 ; Damage ; Italy ; Restoration ; Roma (ITA), S. Giovanni in Laterano ; Sculpture ; Sepulchral monuments ; Tomb of Riccardo Annibaldi ; 1200-1300 ;
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Article ;
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24969527 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;