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An icon painter's notebook : the Bolshakov edition : an anthology of source materials

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An icon painter's notebook: the Bolshakov edition is the companion to An iconographer's patternbook: the Stroganov tradition published by Oakwood Publications. These together are included in the complete Iconographic patternbook published in Moscow in 1903 by S.T. Bolshakov from which this current translation is taken. While An iconographer's patternbook is a book of illustrations with very little text, An icon painter's notebook is a book of narrative descriptions of icons, which is most useful when used with the Oakwood edition of the Stroganov tradition. The patternbook is itself an anthology and compilation of material from many patternbooks and other references (16th-17th cs. and earlier). The 1903 edition does not give any information on the origins or sources of this anthology; it is possible some of the selections are from the Domostroy written by archpriest Sylvester, the advisor and educator of Tsar Ivan the Terrible. ;
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259 ; xi, 259 p.; ill.; 'Originally published in Slavonic under the title: Iconographic patternbook by S.T. Bolshakov, 1903, Society of the Lovers of Spiritual Enlightenment, Moscow' -T.p. verso.k. ;
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Icône ; Livre de modèles ; Peinture ; Russie, Fédération de ; Sources ;
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Icons ; Painting ; Pattern books ; Russian Federation ; Sources ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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Oakwood Publications, Torrance, CA
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