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Creating the Artists' Papers Register

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TOMKINS, David ;
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English ;
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The Artists' Papers Register aims to record the papers and primary sources of artists, designers and craftspeople located in publicly accessible collections in the United Kingdom. Ignorance of these primary sources can compromise the quality of art historical study, and it is true that it has until now been difficult to find specific information about much of this material and its location. The history and methodology of the project are explained here, while a number of examples demonstrate the diversity of the material that the Register can be used to locate. Plans for the future development of the Artists' Papers Register should ensure that primary source material plays an increased and invaluable role in the study of art and design history. [In 1996 Leeds University Library and the Henry Moore Foundation jointly funded a post for a project officer in Leeds in order to conduct a survey of artists' papers in Scotland and the north of England. In 1997 a second post, based in Birmingham, was established to survey Wales and the south of England. London was excluded, but funding is being sought for this region. Coverage of Northern Ireland and Eire is also being considered]. ;
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Art ; Artistes ; Artists' Papers Register ; Documents ; Ecrits d'artiste ; Grande-Bretagne ; Méthodologie ; Recherche ;
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Art ; Artists ; Artists' writings ; Artists' Papers Register ; Documents ; Great Britain ; Methodology ; Research ;
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Article ;
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Art libraries journal, 1999, 24, 2
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24968640 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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Art Libraries Society, Preston
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