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Basiliche e liturgie

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DE BLAAUW, Sible ;
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Italian ;
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Examines the 4th-c. evolution of liturgy and the simultaneous process of integration of Early Christian urban pastoral and martyrial architecture in Rome. The two typologies are represented respectively by the church of S. Giovanni in Laterano and St. Peter's, both Constantinian foundations. Observes the merging of Christian and imperial traditions in the architecture of the Lateran (the original cathedral of Rome), resulting in a monumentalization of both architectural and liturgical styles. Notes however that the role of churches constructed on the tombs of martyrs gained in status, and that by the 6th c., St. Peter's, with a high altar directly over the tomb of the first pope, had eclipsed S. Giovanni in Laterano as the most important papal church in the city. Thereafter for centuries, St. Peter's acted as an 'ideal model' for churches in Rome. ;
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Architecture ; Constantin I le Grand, empereur, v.288-337 ; Eglise ; Italie ; Liturgie ; Mécénat ; Roma (ITA), S. Giovanni in Laterano ; Roma (ITA), Vaticano, S. Pietro vecchio ; 300-600 ;
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Architecture ; Churches ; Constantine I the Great, emperor, ca.288-337 ; Italy ; Liturgy ; Patronage ; Roma (ITA), S. Giovanni in Laterano ; Roma (ITA), Vaticano, S. Pietro vecchio ; 300-600 ;
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Ouvrage ;
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24965598 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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