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Imagining the future of the Museum of Modern Art

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TSCHUMI, Bernard ; COHEN, Jean-Louis ; ISOZAKI, Arata ; MURRAY, Elizabeth ; WALSH, John ; GALASSI, Peter ; LEVRANT DE BRETTEVILLE, Sheila ; CUNO, James ; KOOLHAAS, Rem ; VIOLA, Bill ; WYE, Deborah ; BANDY, Mary Lea ; RILEY, Terence ; SIMS, Patterson ; KLOR DE ALVA, Jorge ; ZERNER, Henri ; ABRAMS, Janet ; STERN, Robert A. M. ; WILSON, Fred ; SEARING, Helen ; LOWRY, Glenn D. ; VARNEDOE, Kirk ; EISENMAN, Peter ; NITTVE, Lars ; SERRA, Richard ; TAYLOR, Mark ; GOPNIK, Adam ; IRWIN, Robert ; LEVAL, Susanna Torruella ;
Conference :
exposition ; New York (NY, USA), Museum of Modern Art ;
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English ;
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Documents the process that led to the selection in December 1997 of an architect for the museum's major expansions. Was planned to accompany the exhibition of the design proposals submitted by the three finalists in the architectural competition for the expansion project. Following a preface by John Elderfield, is the essay 'The new Museum of Modern Art expansion: a process of discovery,' by Glenn D. Lowry; and an introduction to the conference and lecture series by John Elderfield. The conversations of the Pocantico Conference 'Building the future: museums of modern art in the 21st century' are presented followed by a summary. Participants include: Glenn D. Lowry, Kirk Varnedoe, Peter Eisenman, Lars Nittve, Richard Serra, Mark Taylor, Margit Rowell, Adam Gopnik, Robert Irwin, Susanna Torruella Leval, Bernard Tschumi, John Elderfield, Jean-Louis Cohen, Arata Isozaki, Elizabeth Murray, John Walsh, Peter Galassi, Sheila Levrant de Bretteville, James Cuno, Rem Koolhaas, Bill Viola, Deborah Wye, Mary Lea Bandy, Terence Riley, and Patterson Sims. Art in the 21st Century,' was represented by 'Building the future: some observations on art, architecture, and the Museum of Modern Art,' by Glenn Lowry; 'The idea of a modern museum,' with Jorge Klor de Alva, Henri Zerner, and John Elderfield; 'The museum and society,' by Janet Abrams, Robert A.M. Stern, Fred Wilson, and Helen Searing as moderator; and 'Rethinking the modern,' by Terence Riley, with Mary Lea Bandy, John Elderfield, and Glenn D. Lowry. 'The Charette' and the architectural competition were introduced by Terence Riley. Excerpts from architects' submissions were presented.Dominique Perrault, Rafael Viñoly, and Tod Williams/Billie Tsien. Finalists were Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron, Yoshio Taniguchi, and Bernard Tschumi. ;
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343 ; 343 p.; ill. (some col.); plans ;
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Architectes ; Architecture ; Arets, Wiel, n.1955 ; Concours ; Congrès ; Etats-Unis ; Exposition ; Herzog, Jacques, n.1950 ; Holl, Steven, n.1947 ; Ito, Toyo, n.1941 ; Koolhaas, Rem, n.1944 ; Meuron, Pierre de, n.1950 ; Modernisme ; Musée ; Muséologie ; New York (NY, USA), Museum of Modern Art ; Perrault, Dominique, n.1953 ; Plan (document) ; Taniguchi, Yoshio, n.1937 ; Tschumi, Bernard, n.1944 ; Tsien, Billie, 20e s. ; Viñoly, Rafael, n.1944 ; Williams, Tod, n.1943 ; 1900-2000 ;
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Architects ; Architectural plans ; Architecture ; Arets, Wiel, b.1955 ; Competitions ; Conferences ; Exhibitions ; Herzog, Jacques, b.1950 ; Holl, Steven, b.1947 ; Ito, Toyo, b.1941 ; Koolhaas, Rem, b.1944 ; Meuron, Pierre de, b.1950 ; Modernism ; Museology ; Museums ; New York (NY, USA), Museum of Modern Art ; Perrault, Dominique, b.1953 ; Taniguchi, Yoshio, b.1937 ; Tschumi, Bernard, b.1944 ; Tsien, Billie, 20th c. ; United States ; Viñoly, Rafael, b.1944 ; Williams, Tod, b.1943 ; 1900-2000 ;
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Catalogue d'exposition ;
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Studies in modern art, 1998, 7
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24962268 ;
ISSN 1058-997X ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY
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