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Figured riches : the value of gold brocades in fifteenth-century Florentine painting

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DUITS, Rembrandt ;
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English ;
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Examines the use of painted gold brocade to indicate social status within 15th-c. Florentine society. Studies the value of gold-brocaded fabrics (silks, most often velvets, woven with gold thread) in relation to that of other luxury goods and to the spending power of the leading families of Florence, including the Medici. Compares the amounts of gold brocade displayed in Florence, where the fabric was produced, with the practice of Italian and northern European courts, the main centers for the consumption of the fabric. Concludes that sumptuary legislation and the expense of the material excluded most Florentines from the select company of princes and prelates whose wardrobes were full of gold brocade. However, these same families decorated their households and chapels in churches with paintings in which large amounts of gold brocade were depicted. In their turn, the artists from whom these paintings were commissioned found ways of creating large amounts of brocade using a minimum amount of model fabrics. ;
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30 ill. ;
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Brocart ; Costume ; Fil d'or ; Firenze (ITA) ; Italie ; Loi somptuaire ; Medici, famille ; Peinture ; Renaissance ; Richesse ; Statut social ; Textiles ; 1400-1500 ;
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Brocade ; Costume ; Firenze (ITA) ; Gold thread ; Italy ; Medici family ; Painting ; Renaissance ; Social status ; Sumptuary laws ; Textiles ; Wealth ; 1400-1500 ;
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Article ;
Source :
Journal of the Warburg and Courtauld Institutes, 1999, 62
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24955659 ;
ISSN 0075-4390 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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University of London, Warburg Institute, London
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