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The future of the Shobdon arches

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ZARNECKI, George ;
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English ;
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The 'Shobdon arches' are the architectural and sculptural ruins of the 12th c. church of S. John the Evangelist. The church was pulled down ca. 1752 to make room for a new structure. Lord Batemen had the three principal arches of the old church preserved and re-erected in his park. They consist of the original chancel arch of three orders flanked by two smaller arches of two orders each, which were the south and north doorways of the old church. In the 18th c. architectural elements were added for protection from the weather and to give the structure some unity. It can be assumed that the tympanum which is carved with the Harrowing of Hell scene, now largely illegible, was part of the north doorway. Its equivalent on the south side of the church was a Christ in Majesty. All three arches were carved with figures, animals, grotesques, foliage and geometic motifs. Zarnecki decries the unfortunate fact that this important monument has been left unprotected from both the weather and vandalism. ;
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pl. 12-17; 13 ill. ;
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Arc (élément architectural) ; Architecture ; Christ: Descente aux Limbes ; Christ: Majestas Domini ; Décoration architecturale ; Eglise ; Grande-Bretagne ; Iconographie ; Iconographie chrétienne ; Ruines ; Sculpture ; Shobdon (GBR), S. John the Evangelist ; Tympan ; 1100-1200 ;
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Arches ; Architectural decoration ; Architecture ; Christian iconography ; Churches ; Great Britain ; Iconography ; Jesus Christ: Harrowing of Hell ; Jesus Christ: In majesty ; Ruins ; Sculpture ; Shobdon (GBR), S. John the Evangelist ; Tympana ; 1100-1200 ;
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Article ;
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Journal of the British Archaeological Association, 1993, 146
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24954140 ;
ISSN 0068-1288 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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British Archaeological Association, London
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