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The building history of St. Mary de Haura, New Shoreham

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On the building history of S. Mary de Haura, New Shoreham, an unusually large and sophisticated parish church in West Sussex. New Shoreham has excited considerable interest from architectural historians by the peculiarities of the choir, but a modern monograph has yet to be produced. The church's documentation has been much confused, and the paper attempts to rectify this. The involvement of patrons in its construction is also discussed. Little is known of the building history of the church and this has led to the suggestion of an unnecessarily complex and protracted building campaign. The identification of re-used material in the choir simplifies one aspect of this, although many puzzling problems remain to be solved. [The nave, crossing and transepts are contemporary with each other, but the present choir is an addition of the later 12th c. Concludes that the building began with the early low transepts, crossing and apsidial choir ca. 1130]. ;
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Architecture ; Chronologie ; Eglise ; Grande-Bretagne ; Shoreham-by-Sea (GBR), S. Mary de Haura ; 1100-1200 ;
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Architecture ; Chronology ; Churches ; Great Britain ; Shoreham-by-Sea (GBR), S. Mary de Haura ; 1100-1200 ;
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Article ;
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Journal of the British Archaeological Association, 1992, 145
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24954136 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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British Archaeological Association, London
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