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L'artigianato metallurgico dei Longobardi alla luce delle fonti archeologiche, con particolare riferimento alla lavorazione del ferro : suggerimenti e problemi

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LA SALVIA, Vasco ;
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Italian ;
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Studies the development of metallurgical activity among the Lombards throughout the period of their migration from the northern and central European plains up to the era in which they established permanent settlements in the Italian peninsula (4th-8th cs.) as a key for the interpretation of the history of the early Medieval iron industry in Europe.considerable quantity of archaeo-metallurgical data available relating to Lombard metal artifacts, formulates some of the fundamental parameters for the extraction and metal-working methods employed in areas which were not directly influenced by the mining traditions of the ancient world and evaluates the impact of these on the economic structures of Roman origin.gues that it is not a coincidence that the epoch of the Great Migrations appears to be, within the structure of the Roman oikumene, a period of profound reorganization of the iron-working industries and coincides with the introduction of production processes and new instruments which were part of the material cultural traditions of the Germanic populations. ;
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8 ill.; diagrams; maps ;
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Art du métal ; Europe ; Europe centrale ; Europe du Nord ; Ferronnerie ; Haut Moyen Age ; Italie ; Lombards ; Métallurgie ; 400-800 ;
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Early Middle Ages ; Europe ; Europe, Central ; Europe, Northern ; Ironwork ; Italy ; Lombards ; Metallurgy ; Metalwork ; 400-800 ;
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Article ;
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Archeologia medievale, 1998, 25
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24951291 ;
ISSN 0390-0592 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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Insegna del giglio, Firenze
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