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Saving the New Generation for the next generation : traditional approaches and radical solutions in the conservation of large painted sculpture of the 1960s

Authors :
ROLFE, Melanie ; MORGAN, Lyndsey ; LEARNER, Tom ;
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Tradition and innovation : advances in conservation : contributions to the Melbourne Congress 10-14 October 2000; London; International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works ;
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English ;
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Sculptures by the British New Generation artists from the 1960s, incorporating painted steel, aluminium, fibreglass, plywood and Perspex, had suffered neglect owing to false perceptions of their importance and physical robustness. A project aimed to conserve the Tate Gallery's collection of these sculptures and render as many works as possible displayable. This included improving storage and documentation and increasing technical understanding of the works through examination and analysis, research, and interviews with the artists. By persuading curators to reassess the works, it also extended the definition of preventative conservation to include changing attitudes. Two major treatments are discussed, Tim Scott's Quantic of Giza and Phillip King's Dunstable Reel, one employing 'conventional' conservation solutions and the other a more radical restoration. While both were approached with the thoughtfulness and ethical awareness characteristic of 'conservation' and informed by analysis and research, the latter is arguably more successful and in keeping with the spirit of the artwork. ;
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3 ill. ;
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Conservation ; Ethique ; Grande-Bretagne ; Groupes et Sociétés d'artistes ; Intention artistique ; King, Phillip, n.1934 ; London (GBR), Tate Britain ; Matériel d'artiste ; Méthodologie ; New Generation (groupe d'artistes) ; Peinture (matière) ; Scott, Tim, n.1937 ; Sculpture ; Technique ; 1900-2000 ; 1960-1970 ;
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Artistic intention ; Artists' groups and associations ; Artists' materials ; Conservation ; Ethics ; Great Britain ; King, Phillip, b.1934 ; London (GBR), Tate Britain ; Methodology ; New Generation (artists' group) ; Paint ; Scott, Tim, b.1937 ; Sculpture ; Technique ; 1900-2000 ; 1960-1970 ;
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Communication de congrès ;
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24949910 ;
ISBN 0950052590 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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