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Provincial painters : local artists in Quattrocento Cortona and the origins of Luca Signorelli

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Uses the surviving financial records of Cortona's religious institutions to reconstruct the cultural world of the small town in which Luca Signornelli grew up. Payments recorded in the account books of Cortonese churches and lay confraternities show that Signorelli sprang from a local dynasty of painters. The careers of these obscure painters of 15th-c. Cortona suggest some general conclusions about the social conditions of artistic production in other such provincial centers. Since men commonly married late in life, many sons found themselves orphaned before they had a chance to master their father's trade. In such circumstances, the transmission of artistic skills and leadership of a workshop would often be oblique, passing not from father to son but from older brother to younger and from uncle to nephew - precisely the pattern that can be observed in the case of Signorelli's ancestors. The economic constraints under which they labored forced certain career choices upon these provincial painters. A small-town painter who wanted to launch himself as a major artist was virtually constrained to wander in search of major commissions, as Luca Signorelli eventually did. ;
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Cortona (ITA) ; Documents ; Education artistique ; Italie ; Peintres ; Peinture ; Production ; Signorelli, Luca, 1445/50-1523 ; Statut social ; 1400-1500 ;
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Art education ; Cortona (ITA) ; Documents ; Italy ; Painters ; Painting ; Production ; Signorelli, Luca, 1445/50-1523 ; Social status ; 1400-1500 ;
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Renaissance studies, 2000, 14, 4, Dec
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24949479 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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Oxford University Press, Oxford
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