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Titian's London Allegory and the three beasts of his selva oscura

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COHEN, Simona ;
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English ;
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Presents evidence for a new interpretation of Titian's London (National Gallery) Allegory, based on the well-documented literary and artistic tradition of the human/beast analogy and evidence of Titian's repeated use of moralistic animal metaphors to reinforce veiled levels of meaning. An important source for the image of the animal triad associated with concepts of moral transgression are the three beasts of Dante's Inferno, interpreted by commentators as spiritual obstacles to purgatory and redemption. Related triads were illustrated in Quattrocento Franciscan art and in an 2Allegory by Bronzino. Bodiless animals' heads were used to represent vices in Venetian art. Emblematic compendia of the late 16th c. also show that the medieval animal symbols were still mirroring human morals. Although Titian's Allegory was begun in the 1540s, when he was in his early to mid-fifties, the elderly head of the final version, identified as a self-portrait, and the animals were added more than 20 years later, when Titian was in his seventies. These new elements were interconnected in a new conception that fundamentally altered the original pictorial statement. Preoccupation with issues of sin and penitence in his late works in general, and in the Allegory in particular, are linked to the religious upheavals of the Catholic Reformation, the Council of Trent, and the establishment of the Inquisition in Venice. ;
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8 ill. ;
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Allégorie ; Altération ; Animal ; Autoportrait ; Concile de Trente (1545-1563) ; Contre-Réforme ; Iconographie ; Inquisition ; Italie ; London (GBR), National Gallery ; Oeuvres tardives ; Peinture ; Portrait ; Péché ; Repentance ; Sources ; Tiziano Vecellio, n.1488-1490, m.1576 ; 1500-1600 ;
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Allegory ; Alteration ; Animals ; Council of Trent (1545-1563) ; Counter-Reformation ; Iconography ; Inquisition ; Italy ; Late works ; London (GBR), National Gallery ; Painting ; Portraits ; Repentance ; Self-portraits ; Sin ; Sources ; Tiziano Vecellio, b.1488-1490, d.1576 ; 1500-1600 ;
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Article ;
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Renaissance studies, 2000, 14, 1, Mar
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24949471 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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Oxford University Press, Oxford
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