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Décors d'incrustation et tendances antiquisantes dans l'architecture romane de la moyenne vallée du Rhône

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REVEYRON, Nicolas ;
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French ;
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Inlaid decorations - inlays of mortar or putty in an incised stone support - resurrect an aesthetic and techniques belonging to the architecture of late antiquity. In the 11th through the 13th cs. such decorations saw a notable revival in church architecture and liturgical furniture. The revival occurred in the east as well as in the west, beginning earlier in Greece and later in the western kingdoms. At Vienne and Lyon, in the heart of Burgundy and part of the empire, the development of these inlaid decorations in Romanesque architecture of the second half of the 12th and the beginning of the 13th cs. participated in a larger protorenaissance, as the Rhône valley surounding these cities saw several clear examples of the renaissance of ancient forms both in architecture and in decoration. While the Early Christian or Byzantine origin of these inlays may be elusive, the aesthetic of costliness which defines them permits a better understanding of the role played by this revival in the artistic politics of the archbishops. The aesthetics are represented by three buildings: in Vienne the old collegiate church of S. André-le-Bas and the old cathedral of S. Maurice, and at Lyon the cathedral of S. Jean. The inlays of Autun (S. Lazare) also belong to this movement. ;
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pl. 1; 14 ill. (1 col.) ;
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Antiquité tardive ; Architecture ; Autun (FRA), S. Lazare (cathédrale) ; Byzantin (art) ; Coût ; Décoration architecturale ; Eglise ; Esthétique ; France ; Incrustation ; Influence ; Lyon (FRA), S. Jean (cathédrale) ; Roman (art) ; Vienne (FRA), S. André-le-Bas ; Vienne (FRA), S. Maurice (cathédrale) ; 1100-1300 ;
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Aesthetics ; Architectural decoration ; Architecture ; Autun (FRA), S. Lazare (cathedral) ; Byzantine ; Churches ; Cost ; France ; Influence ; Inlay ; Late Antique ; Lyon (FRA), S. Jean (cathedral) ; Romanesque ; Vienne (FRA), S. André-le-Bas ; Vienne (FRA), S. Maurice (cathedral) ; 1100-1300 ;
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Article ;
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Gesta (Fort Tryon Park, N.Y.), 2000, 39, 1
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24949405 ;
ISSN 0016-920X ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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International Center of Medieval Art, Fort Tryon Park, NY
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