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King Arthur's round table : an archaeological investigation

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BIDDLE, Martin ; OTLET, R. L. ; WALKER, A. J. ; JONES, Stephen Rees ; BADHAM, Sally ; TUDOR-CRAIG, Pamela ; DAVEY, Roger ; WAINWRIGHT, Clive ; FLEMING, John V. ; JERVIS, Simon ; CLAYRE, Beatrice ; MORRIS, Michael ; HEWETT, Cecil ; COLEMAN, G. R. ; READ, Susan J. ; HEARD, Brian J. ; BAREFOOT, A. C. ; HADDON-REECE, David ;
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English ;
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In 1976 the wooden disk known as King Arthur's round table was taken down from the wall of the Great Hall of Winchester castle and examined by a team of historians and scientists. Contributions show how the history and structural archaeology of the table reveal its changing use as a symbol of power to different generations. The history of the table begins in the reign of King Edward I, probably as the centrepiece of a feast held at Winchester in 1290 after a forgotten tournament to mark the culmination of the king's plans for the dynastic marriages of his children. In 1348, the legs of the Winchester table were knocked off and the top hung up in the castle hall, a symbol now of Edward III's interest in the chivalric idea of the company of Arthur's round table. Henry VIII had it painted for the first time to reinforce his claim to a British imperium, and in 1520 at Calais and 1522 at Winchester used the figure of Arthur to support his claim to be arbiter of European power. Contributions discuss the round table in literature and legend (John V. Fleming), as furniture (Simon Jervis), its setting at Winchester castle and the Great Hall (Martin Biddle, Beatrice Clayre and Michael Morris), its carpentry, condition and sequence (Martin Biddle and Cecil Hewett with G.R. Coleman, Susan J. Read and Brian J. Heard), tree-ring dating (A.C. Barefoot with a contribution by David Haddon-Reece), radiocarbon dating (R.L. Otlet and A.J. Walker), investigation of the painting (Stephen Rees Jones), inscription in the painting (Sally Badham and Martin Biddle), iconography of the painting (Pamela Tudor-Craig), the making of the table, its hanging, and painting (Martin Biddle), the county and the round table (Beatrice Clayre and Roger Davey), and travellers to the table (Clive Wainwright). ;
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533 ; xxxi, 533 p., [25] p. of pl.; 198 (29 col.); diagrams; plans ;
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Analyse scientifique ; Architecture ; Archéologie ; Arthur, roi ; Charpenterie ; Chevalerie ; Château fort ; Dendrochronologie ; Grande-Bretagne ; Iconographie ; Inscription ; Mobilier ; Monarchie ; Peinture ; Radiocarbone ; Table ; Winchester (GBR), castle ; 1200-2000 ;
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Archaeology ; Architecture ; Arthur, king ; Carpentry ; Castles ; Chivalry ; Dendrochronology ; Furniture ; Great Britain ; Iconography ; Inscriptions ; Monarchy ; Painting ; Radiocarbon dating ; Scientific analysis ; Tables ; Winchester (GBR), castle ; 1200-2000 ;
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Ouvrage ;
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24945638 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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Woodbridge; Rochester; Boydell
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