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A technical investigation of the Dumbarton Oaks Virgin and Child by Tilman Riemenschneider

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MARINCOLA, Michele ;
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English ;
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One of the goals of the technical examination of Riemenschneider's limewood sculpture Virgin and Child on the Crescent Moon, c.1521 (Washington, Dumbarton Oaks, House Collection), was to see if certain details could illuminate the debate over the sculpture's intended function. Both its original form and later alterations, including polychromy, re-carving, repair, and re-mounting, indicate that the sculpture was not a copying aid but had a long life as a cult object. However, there is also nothing in the data that precludes its use as a model for Riemenschneider's Virgin of the Rosary (Volkach, S. Maria im Weingarten). Thus the analysis provides a case study of the advantages and limitations of technical art history. ;
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pl. III; 13 ill. (1 col.) ;
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Allemagne ; Analyse scientifique ; Iconographie ; Iconographie chrétienne ; Riemenschneider, Tilman, v.1460-1531 ; Sculpture ; Technique ; Tilleul (bois) ; Vierge du Rosaire ; Vierge à l'enfant sur un croissant de lune ; Vierge: A l'enfant: Sur un croissant de lune ; Vierge: Du Rosaire ; Volkach (DEU), S. Maria im Weingarten ; Washington, DC (USA), Dumbarton Oaks ; 1500-1600 ;
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Christian iconography ; Germany ; Iconography ; Linden (wood) ; Madonna and Child on the Crescent Moon ; Mary, Virgin: And Child: On the crescent moon ; Mary, Virgin: Madonna of the Rosary ; Riemenschneider, Tilman, ca.1460-1531 ; Scientific analysis ; Sculpture ; Technique ; Virgin of the Rosary ; Volkach (DEU), S. Maria im Weingarten ; Washington, DC (USA), Dumbarton Oaks ; 1500-1600 ;
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Article ;
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Sculpture journal, 2000, 4
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24945400 ;
ISSN 1366-2724 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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Public Monuments and Sculpture Association, London
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