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Confraternities and the visual arts in Renaissance Italy : ritual, spectacle, image; Cambridge; Cambridge University Press

New themes for new rituals : the Crucifixion altarpiece by Roviale Spagnuolo for the oratory of the Gonfalone in Rome

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WISCH, Barbara ;
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Looks at the Crucifixion Altarpiece painted for the Gonfalone'e oratory in Rome in 1556-1557. The attribution to Pietro Roviale Spagnuolo and the date of the altarpiece are confirmed through new documentation, published here for the first time. The Crucifixion, a new pictorial theme for the confraternity, was commissioned during the very years when the Gonfalone's Holy Week rituals - most significantly, the Good Friday flagellant processions - were changing markedly due to papal intervention and in response to eucharist devotion promoted by the Council of Trent. In 1557, Paul IV initiated the Gonfalone's new Maundy Thursday flagellant procession, which within two decades became the dominant public expression of Roman penitential piety. Demonstrates how the typically Roman interweaving of papal directive and confraternal tradition was expresssed in the new Crucifixion Altarpiece through a dramatic reconfiguring of the Gonfalone's history. Not only was the altarpiece central to the Gonfalone's devotional practices, it also displayed the new public persona of the confraternity. By depicting a revised foundation story more than two decades before confraternal texts adopted it as fact, the altarpiece asserted the sodality's changing role within the ritual matrix of Rome. An appendix analyzes the Crucifixion within Roviale Spagnuolo's oeuvre. ;
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Attribution ; Christ: Crucifixion ; Commande d'oeuvre d'art ; Confrérie ; Documents ; Flagellants ; Iconographie ; Iconographie chrétienne ; Italie ; Peinture ; Retable ; Retable de la Crucifixion ; Rituel ; Roma (ITA), Oratorio di S. Lucia del Gonfalone ; Rubiales, Pedro de, v.1511-v.1582 ; 1500-1600 ;
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Altarpieces ; Attribution ; Christian iconography ; Commissions ; Confraternities ; Crucifixion Altarpiece ; Documents ; Flagellants ; Iconography ; Italy ; Jesus Christ: Crucifixion ; Painting ; Ritual ; Roma (ITA), Oratorio di S. Lucia del Gonfalone ; Rubiales, Pedro de, ca.1511-ca.1582 ; 1500-1600 ;
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