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Confraternities and the visual arts in Renaissance Italy : ritual, spectacle, image; Cambridge; Cambridge University Press

The qualitá of mercy : (re)building confraternal charities in Renaissance Bologna

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TERPSTRA, Nicholas ;
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English ;
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Based on unpublished sources, demonstrates the increasing specialization of treatment within confraternal hospitals as well as the appropriation of charity by aristocratic confratelli to elevate their social status. Argues that confraternal building programmes had multiple purposes, serving the architectural demands of the city, the practical requirements of the inmates, and above all, the recruitment and propagandistic needs of their sponsors. Focuses on five confraternal hospitals that housed orphans, the sick, pilgrims, and condemned criminals. Proposes that these confraternal programmes were part of a campaign to reconfigure the architectural face of Bologna, a campaign that also saw the construction of numerous palaces, shrines, and public buildings. Addresses the tense balance between philanthropy and civic beautification, identifying the institutions' role in civic charity, the impact that construction programmes had on the confraternities' operations, and the place of these programmes in the effort to reshape the city itself. Also elucidates the roles of confraternal competition and familial rivalry in promoting ever more grandiose structures. ;
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Architecture ; Bologna (ITA) ; Charité ; Confrérie ; Hôpital ; Italie ; Mécénat ; Renaissance ; Rénovation urbaine ; 1400-1600 ;
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Architecture ; Bologna (ITA) ; Charity ; Confraternities ; Hospitals ; Italy ; Patronage ; Renaissance ; Urban renewal ; 1400-1600 ;
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