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Cottam : an Anglian and Anglo-Scandinavian settlement on the Yorkshire wolds

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RICHARDS, Julian D. ; GAUNT, Geoff ; AUSTIN, Tony ; BATEMAN, John ; BELL, Samantha ; BIRCHALL, Kristine ; BROTHWELL, Don ; CAMPBELL, Elaine ; CARROTT, John ; DOBNEY, Keith ; GARNER-LAHIRE, Justin ;
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English ;
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Presents the results of fieldwork carried out on behalf of the Department of Archaeology, University of York, between 1993 and 1995, including fieldwalking, geophysical survey, and excavation at Burrow House Farm. This revealed an enclosure of the 8th to 9th cs., containing traces of a small number of post-built halls. In the late 9th c. this settlement was abandoned. A new enclosed settlement was laid out nearby, which was occupied briefly in the early 10th c. Argues that the Anglian settlement may have been part of a royal multiple estate but that as a result of estate reorganization after the Scandinavian settlement, it developed into an independent manor. Cottam is the first so-called 'productive' site in the environs of York to be the subject of archaeological investigations. Results suggest that it was a prosperous, but not exceptional site, and that the primary activity was farming, with limited evidence for trade or manufacture. This work prompts a reassessment of the typology of cropmark enclosures and the re-examination of the large number of undated enclosures in the area. Specialist reports discuss pottery, stone objects, metalwork, bone and antler objects, and building materials. ;
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54 ill.; diagrams; maps; plans ;
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Anglo-saxon (art) ; Anglo-scandinave (art) ; Architecture ; Archéologie ; Cottam (Humb, GBR) ; Cottam (Humb, GBR), Burrow House Farm ; Fouilles ; Grande-Bretagne ; Manoir ; Royauté ; Trouvaille ; 700-1000 ;
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Anglo-Saxon ; Anglo-Scandinavian ; Archaeological finds ; Archaeology ; Architecture ; Cottam (Humb, GBR) ; Cottam (Humb, GBR), Burrow House Farm ; Excavations ; Great Britain ; Manors ; Royalty ; 700-1000 ;
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Article ;
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Archaeological journal (London), 1999, 156
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24945265 ;
ISSN 0066-5983 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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Royal Archaeological Institute, London
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