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Resurgam! : archaeology at Stonehouse, Mount Batten, and Mount Wise regeneration areas, Plymouth

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HAWKES, John W. ; RAY, Keith ; WALKER, K. E. ; WATTS, Martin A. ; COTTON, Julian ; FIRTH, Antony ; FRY, Jez ; PYE, Andrew ;
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English ;
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Three of the largest and most important of the military sites in Plymouth were the Royal William Victualling Yard at the southern end of the Stonehouse peninsula, the Admiralty headquarters at Mount Wise, and the RAF station at Mount Batten. After the withdrawal of the Ministry of Defence in 1992, the Plymouth Development Corporation was established and charged with regenerating these three waterfront locations. A series of extensive archaeological and historical investigations and recording programmes followed in conjunction with the regeneration works, which ensured that the history of the sites was fully recorded. An enormous amount has been learned about the history of Plymouth, from prehistoric times through to the 20th c. Among the information gleaned was something of the form and embellishment of the 17th c. Wise family mansion on the summit of Mount Wise. Also, that the main quay at Stonehouse in the 16th and 17th cs. comprised substantial structures and that the port was fully engaged in the extensive overseas maritime trading networks of those times. At all three sites, important insights have been gained into the form and working of the coastal defences of Plymouth, Stonehouse, and Devonport up to World War II. ;
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312 ; xvi, 312 p.; ill.; maps; plans ;
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Architecture ; Architecture militaire ; Archéologie ; Chantier naval ; Château ; Fortification ; Fouilles ; Front de mer ; Grande-Bretagne ; Ouvrage d'art ; Plymouth (GBR) ; Plymouth (GBR), Mount Wise ; Wise, famille, 17e s. ;
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Archaeology ; Architecture ; Civil engineering ; Country houses and châteaux ; Dockyards ; Excavations ; Fortifications ; Great Britain ; Military architecture ; Plymouth (GBR) ; Plymouth (GBR), Mount Wise ; Waterfronts ; Wise family, 17th c. ;
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Ouvrage ;
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24945184 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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Wessex Archaeology for English Partnerships and Plymouth City Council, Plymouth
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