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Art and the academy in the nineteenth century; Manchester; Manchester University Press

From graphic to academic

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ARSCOTT, Caroline ;
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English ;
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Considers Luke Fildes's painting Applicants for Admission to a Casual Ward (London, University of London, Royal Holloway). Discusses how this key work in 19th c. British social realism came to be selected for the Royal Academy exhibition in 1874, and how it related to the range of representations that engaged with the dark side of modern city life. Suggests that there was a complex relationship in various forms of Victorian realism between imagination and investigation. Many of the social subjects in fine art were first developed, by the artists concerned, in the context of graphic journalism. The subject for Fildes's painting was first drawn by him for a woodcut illustration in the Graphic as Houseless and Hungry, published with a text which sets up the reader to view the image from a disciplinary position of power and knowledge. In the context of the Royal Academy exhibition, Fildes modified and narrativised the composition. Argues that this picture of the modern city, which highlights the issue of surveillance and discrimination, problematises the exercise of power through vision. ;
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Critique d'art ; Egham (GBR), Royal Holloway, University of London ; Exposition ; Femmes attendant pour entrer à l'asile nuit ; Fildes, Luke, 1844-1927 ; Grande-Bretagne ; Iconographie ; Illustration ; Image ; London (GBR), Royal Academy of Arts ; Narration ; National Graphic (London, 1869-1932) ; Peinture ; Regard ; Réalisme social ; Réception ; Technique ; Texte ; Vagabonds ; 1800-1900 ;
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Applicants for Admission to a Casual Ward ; Art criticism ; Egham (GBR), Royal Holloway, University of London ; Exhibitions ; Fildes, Luke, 1844-1927 ; Gaze ; Great Britain ; Iconography ; Illustration ; Imagery ; London (GBR), Royal Academy of Arts ; Narrative ; National Graphic (London, 1869-1932) ; Painting ; Reception ; Social realism ; Technique ; Text ; Tramps ; 1800-1900 ;
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Article ;
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24944981 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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