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To trace the shifting sands : community, ritual, and the memorial landscape

Author :
WASSERMAN, Judith R. ;
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English ;
Abstract :
The memorial landscape is a landscape of tremendous cultural significance. It reinserts sacred stories into public open space: stories that reveal and heal. These stories can have a positive impact on a community and can teach the lessons of history and place. The memorial landscape serves intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and communal functions, including: a) a place for memory, b) a place for mourning, c) a place for reflection and healing, d) a place for ceremony, and e) a place for collective action. Furthermore, specific design elements such as art, architecture, landscape, and text are typically used to further these functions. Through investigating the memorial typology and its cultural significance, a deeper understanding of the landscape architect's role in this important cultural landscape is defined and clarified. ;
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35 ill. ;
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Monument commémoratif ; Mémoire ; Paysagisme ; 1900-2000 ;
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Commemorative monuments ; Landscape architecture ; Memory ; 1900-2000 ;
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Article ;
Source :
Landscape journal, 1998, 17, 1
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24944556 ;
ISSN 0277-2426 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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University of Wisconsin Press, Madison, WI
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