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La Venere e Cupido fiorentina : un nudo eroico femminile e la potenza dell'amore = The Florentine Venus and Cupid : a heroic female nude and the power of love

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KATZ NELSON, Jonathan ;
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Italian ; English ;
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Explores reasons for the modern neglect of the painting Venus and Cupid1 (Florence, Galleria dell'Accademia) designed by Michelangelo and painted by Pontormo, arguing that one of the principle motives lies in the physical appearance of the Venus that does not correspond to modern tastes regarding female beauty or with our idea of how the goddess of love and beauty should be depicted. Observes that here (and in his sculpture Night in the New Sacristy, S. Lorenzo, Florence, etc.) Michelangelo created a new, heroic type of female beauty (based on ancient art and literary sources) that was praised (and sometimes criticized) by his contemporaries, and surveys Renaissance views on the ideal female body. Also examines the ideas on Venus and female beauty held by the learned Florentine circle to which Bartolomeo Bettini, patron of the Venus and Cupid, belonged. Observes and interprets the different treatment Michelangelo gave to the figures of Venus and Cupid in the image, and studies the diffusion and influence of this composition in 16th-c. art. ;
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31 ill. ;
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Beau, Le ; Beauté ; Bettini, Bartolomeo, m.1551/52 ; Commande d'oeuvre d'art ; Firenze (ITA), Galleria dell'Accademia ; Firenze (ITA), S. Lorenzo, Sagrestia nuova ; Iconographie ; Influence ; Italie ; La Nuit ; Michelangelo Buonarroti, 1475-1564 ; Nu féminin ; Peinture ; Pontormo (Jacopo Carrucci), 1494-1556 ; Sculpture ; Vénus ; Vénus et Amour ; 1500-1600 ;
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Beauty (attribute) ; Beauty (concept) ; Bettini, Bartolomeo, d.1551/52 ; Commissions ; Female nude ; Firenze (ITA), Galleria dell'Accademia ; Firenze (ITA), S. Lorenzo, Sagrestia nuova ; Iconography ; Influence ; Italy ; Michelangelo Buonarroti, 1475-1564 ; Night ; Painting ; Pontormo (Jacopo Carrucci), 1494-1556 ; Sculpture ; Venus ; Venus and Cupid ; 1500-1600 ;
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Ouvrage ;
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24919950 ;
ISBN 8809026659 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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