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Collecting collectors : the Liverpool Art Club and its exhibitions 1872-1895

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CHUN, Dongho ;
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English ;
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Assesses the history of the Liverpool Art Club (LAC), and its place in the associational culture of late-19th c. Liverpool. Formed by art-lovers and collectors to further their interests in the visual arts, and to hold exhibitions of fine and industrial arts, the LAC was unique in combining the two functions of being a private club while taking on the role of a semi-public exhibiting society. It was led by collectors rather than by artists, and was an unusual venture outside London, signifying the ability of Victorian Liverpool to mobilise considerable cultural capital. Much of the primary evidence for this paper has come from the LAC's printed annual reports and exhibition catalogues, a sizeable and rich source previously neglected by historians. These enable the LAC and its activities to be placed in the broader contexts of British and European art in this period, and also allow an assessment of the club's place in the cultural community of Liverpool itself. ;
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530 - BIBLIOGRAPHIE D'HISTOIRE DE L'ART ; 530-V - 1800-1945 ;
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Art ; Collectionneurs ; Culture ; Exposition ; Grande-Bretagne ; Liverpool (GBR), Liverpool Art Club ; Mécénat ; 1800-1900 ; 1872-1895 ;
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Art ; Collectors ; Culture ; Exhibitions ; Great Britain ; Liverpool (GBR), Liverpool Art Club ; Patronage ; 1800-1900 ; 1872-1895 ;
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Article ;
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Transactions of the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire, 2002, 151
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24909211 ;
ISSN 0140-332X ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire, Liverpool
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