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The east cloister walk of Saint-Aubin at Angers : sculpture and archaeology

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Anjou : medieval art, architecture and archaeology; Leeds; British Archaeological Association and Maney Publishing ;
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English ;
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A survey of the east cloister walk, conducted by the Service départemental d'archéologie prior to conservation in 1992-1993, resulted in the production of the first measured drawing of both faces of the inner wall of the east walk (the west elevation of the chapter-house and the east elevation of the east walk). One conclusion was that the whole east walk was built quickly, possibly with two sculptural teams working in different styles simultaneously. The sculpture shows an exploration and development of a variety of motifs that were evident during this period in Aquitaine and in the Loire valley. Proposes that the inner wall of the east cloister walk was built between ca.1128 and ca.1135, and was built to an asymmetrical design in which the carved stonework was shared out between two sculptural workshops, the only significant alteration to this design being the lowering of the chapter-house portal. The workshop which was responsible for the northern arcades came from Poitou, while that charged with the chapter house portal and the arcades to its south originated from northern Poitou and from the Angoumois. Documentary evidence indicating that the chapterhouse was unusable between 1129/1130 or before, until 1141 or after, broadly supports the suggested stylistic dating. ;
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pl. I-II; 37 ill. (2 col.); 1 plan ;
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530 - BIBLIOGRAPHIE D'HISTOIRE DE L'ART ; 5303B - 300-1400 ; Sculpture ; 530-III - 300-1400 ;
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Angers (FRA), S. Aubin (abbaye bénédictine) ; Architecture ; Archéologie ; Cloître ; Datation ; France ; Roman (art) ; Sculpture ; Sources ; 1100-1200 ; 1128-1135 ;
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Angers (FRA), S. Aubin (Benedictine abbey) ; Archaeology ; Architecture ; Cloisters ; Dating ; France ; Romanesque ; Sculpture ; Sources ; 1100-1200 ; 1128-1135 ;
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Communication de congrès ;
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24904122 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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