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Archaeolgoical investigations during refurbishment of St. Aldate's Church, Oxford

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TYLER, Ric ; BOYLE, Angela ; CHALLINOR, Dana ;
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English ;
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The Oxford Archaeological Unit carried out a series of archaeological investigations at S. Aldate's Church, Oxford, between August and October 1999 during the internal refurbishment of the church and the formation of foundations for a new entrance building. The investigations have revealed valuable new evidence for Saxon occupation on the site in the form of a series of eight inhumation burials within charcoal-lined graves. Further, a small 'island' of probable Saxon occupation surface was exposed within the nave of the church while a fragment of 10th-c. cross-shaft with carved 'knotwork' decoration was recovered from within the masonry of the south nave wall. Little evidence was retrieved for the layout of the early church. However, it has been established that the 14th-c. crypt beneath the south aisle was not originally furnished with a third, western bay, the space having formerly been occupied by a lateral stairwell. Evidence for 19th-c. arrangements was recorded in the form of wall footings, former floor surfaces and a stone-built font base. In addition, a total of 48 brick-lined shaft graves and one brick-constructed barrel vault, all of 18th- and early to mid 19th-c. date, were exposed within the body of the church. ;
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27 ill.; diagrams; maps; plans ;
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530 - BIBLIOGRAPHIE D'HISTOIRE DE L'ART ; 5302A - Histoire générale de l'art ; Architecture ; 530-II - Histoire générale de l'art ; ;
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Anglo-saxon (art) ; Architecture ; Eglise ; Fouilles ; Grande-Bretagne ; Oxford (GBR), S. Aldate ; Tombe ; Trouvaille ;
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Anglo-Saxon ; Archaeological finds ; Architecture ; Churches ; Excavations ; Graves ; Great Britain ; Oxford (GBR), S. Aldate ;
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Article ;
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Oxoniensia, 2001, 66
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24903613 ;
ISSN 0308-5562 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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Oxford Architectural & Historical Society, Oxford
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