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Reading texts and images : essays on medieval and Renaissance art and patronage in honour of Margaret M. Manion; Exeter; University of Exeter Press

The river of life in the medieval mosaics of S. Maria Maggiore in Rome

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LLOYD, Joan E. Barclay ;
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English ;
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Depictions of rivers in Hellenistic and Roman art, especially the genre of 'Nilotic landscape,' are examined as sources for the River of Life motif in Jacopo Torriti's apse mosaic in S. Maria Maggiore, Rome. Compares it with the artist's apse mosaic at S. John Lateran, and with other early Christian and contemporary mosaics. Considers the ways in which the S. Maria Maggiore mosaic differs subtly from earlier Christian iconography, and suggests further biblical texts which may have influenced Torriti. Observes that he incorporated Christian symbolism into the traditional classical treatment of scenes. Assesses the meaning of the river within the overall iconographic programme of the apse. Notable Franciscans were associated with the commissioning and making of the mosaic, and Franciscan imagery probably imbues the decorative programme. Concludes by demonstrating that the Franciscan S. Bonaventure's sermons for the Feast of the Assumption are a likely source of inspiration for the river imagery. ;
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9 ill. ;
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Abside ; Art ; Bonaventure, saint, cardinal, 1221-1274 ; Fleuve ; Fleuve de vie ; Fleuves du Paradis ; Franciscains ; Hellénistique (art) ; Homélie ; Iconographie ; Iconographie chrétienne ; Italie ; MosaÈque ; Nil, fleuve et vallée ; Roma (ITA), S. Giovanni in Laterano ; Roma (ITA), S. Maria Maggiore ; Romain (art) ; Torriti, Jacopo, act.1280-1296 ; 100-1300 ;
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Apses ; Art ; Bonaventura, S., cardinal, 1221-1274 ; Christian iconography ; Franciscans ; Hellenistic ; Homilies ; Iconography ; Italy ; Mosaics ; Nile River and Valley ; River of Life ; Rivers (fleuves) ; Rivers of Paradise ; Roma (ITA), S. Giovanni in Laterano ; Roma (ITA), S. Maria Maggiore ; Roman ; Torriti, Jacopo, act.1280-1296 ; 100-1300 ;
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