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The Cornwall chapel of St. Nicholas church, Asthall

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MAIR, Katharine ;
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English ;
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The church of S. Nicholas at Asthall was enhanced in the early 14th c. by the addition of some high quality decorative art through the patronage of a local family related to the Earl of Cornwall, one of the most powerful men in the land. An endowment made in 1320 by Lady Joan Cornwall for a chantry priest to say mass in the north transept, the chapel of S. Mary and S. Katherine, demonstrates how far this area had been differentiated from the rest of the church as the focus of family devotion. Article examines the radical alterations Lady Joan made to the appearance of this transept, particularly by the introduction of a grand canopied tomb <for herself> and a stained glass window, and shows how these served simultaneously to reinforce the noble status and powerful connections of their patron and to create an iconographical setting specifically directed towards her spiritual salvation. Stylistic analyses of both glass and sculpture have been attempted separately before, but here the information is reviewed and the parallel evidence of both tomb and window is shown to build up an interesting pattern for the transmission of artistic trends from London to the provinces through the social aspirations of the wealthy and the mediating influence of local workshops. Taking the transept as an artistic and architectural whole, a reconstruction of the liturgial layout is possible, and in the light of recent scholarship on the subject, consideration is given to the ways in which this reflects its patron's status as a woman, with the specific attitudes she might have had with regard to late medieval piety. ;
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24 ill.; 1 plan ;
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530 - BIBLIOGRAPHIE D'HISTOIRE DE L'ART ; 5304A - 1400-1800 ; Architecture ; 530-IV - 1400-1800 ;
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Altération ; Architecture ; Asthall (GBR), S. Nicholas ; Chantrerie ; Commande d'oeuvre d'art ; Cornwall, Joan, act.1320 ; Grande-Bretagne ; Liturgie ; Monument funéraire ; Sculpture ; Transept ; Vitrail ; 1300-1400 ;
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Alteration ; Architecture ; Asthall (GBR), S. Nicholas ; Chantries ; Commissions ; Cornwall, Joan, act.1320 ; Great Britain ; Liturgy ; Sculpture ; Sepulchral monuments ; Stained glass ; Transepts ; 1300-1400 ;
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Article ;
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Oxoniensia, 1997, 62
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24899668 ;
ISSN 0308-5562 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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Oxford Architectural & Historical Society, Oxford
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