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Le Manoir des Vallées at Barneville-la-Bertran, Normandy

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IMPEY, Edward ;
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English ;
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An early 13th-c. aisled hall and chamber-block has recently been recognised at Barneville-la-Bertran in the Pays d'Auge. Stone-walled with timber aisle posts, the hall was largely replaced by a timber-framed two-storey range in ca.1500, and both this and the chamber-block were later further modified. One of the five complexes of 'hall and chamber-block' derivation in Normandy where parts of both elements survive, it offers important evidence of its use in the Duchy, and of the development and interpretation of the type itself. Doorways at the 'low' end of the hall are reminiscent of service doorways, and the surviving elements may have been accompanied by a service-block, either timber-framed or free-standing. Barneville represents a stage in the development of the 'hall and chamber-block' tradition, which can also be identified in England, but which in Normandy was the last: after ca.1250 Norman houses which included an open hall had other characteristics belonging to a more widespread northern French type which shared little or nothing with English practice. ;
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15 ill.; 1 map; 2 plans ;
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Architecture ; Architecture domestique ; Architecture vernaculaire ; Barneville-la-Bertran (FRA), Manoir des Vallées ; Construction ; France ; 1200-1500 ;
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Architecture ; Barneville-la-Bertran (FRA), Manoir des Vallées ; Construction ; Domestic architecture ; France ; Vernacular architecture ; 1200-1500 ;
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Article ;
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Vernacular architecture, 2002, 33
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24875710 ;
ISSN 0305-5477 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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Vernacular Architecture Group, York
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