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A reformation of meaning : commemoration and remembering the dead in the parish church, 1450-1640

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FINCH, Jonathan ;
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The archaeology of Reformation 1480-1580; Leeds; Maney ;
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English ;
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Argues that the nature of commemoration changed profoundly over the course of the Reformation and that the cyclical and performative nature of Catholic commemoration was replaced by one based on the construction of personal narratives expressed primarily through the monumental form. Based on a systematic regional study of over 500 monuments, demonstrates that changes can be determined through the detailed examination of the form and content of the monuments, as well as their place within the contrasting interiors of the pre- and post-Reformation church. Also argues that the changes in commemoration are indicative of changes in the way identities and memory were constructed and used. These changes are then located within the context of wider social and bureaucratic changes in early-modern society. The evidence from this particular form of material culture therefore provides an interesting critique of revisionist views of the Reformation that emphasize its political nature. Monuments suggest that there is a more complex chronology of changing beliefs and social ritual associated with commemoration and the parish church, and that they were actively used to articulate and legitimate the new Protestant ideology. ;
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4 ill.; 1 diagram ;
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Architecture ; Eglise ; Forme ; Grande-Bretagne ; Iconographie ; Iconographie chrétienne ; Monument funéraire ; Protestantisme ; Sculpture ; Société ; 1400-1700 ; 1450-1650 ;
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Architecture ; Christian iconography ; Churches ; Form ; Great Britain ; Iconography ; Protestantism ; Sculpture ; Sepulchral monuments ; Society ; 1400-1700 ; 1450-1650 ;
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Communication de congrès ;
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24875650 ;
ISBN 1904350003 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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