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The Reformation and unfinished churches in Finland

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The archaeology of Reformation 1480-1580; Leeds; Maney ;
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In Finland, approximately 100 stone churches came under construction during the medieval period (ca. 1200-1560). According to the new chronology of the churches, established in the 1990s, the stone churches can be divided into three chronological groups or generations. The first is from the late 13th and the 14th c. while the second belongs to the 15th c., ca.1420s-1480s. The third generation, consisting of a little more than 50 churches, can be roughly dated between the 1480s and the 1550s. Among the third generation churches only six were completed while the others were left unfinished. It appears probable that the reason for not completing the buildings was a new economic policy in the guise of the Reformation implemented by King Gustavus Vasa, although there seem to have been other reasons, too, at least before the year 1520. Not only was the construction work left unfinished but also the painted decoration was left unexecuted, the carpentry work was not carried out, and the altar was built of wood rather than stone. All in all, the new policies were a disastrous blow to masonry construction, which was booming in economically precarious Finland during the Late Middle Ages (1400-1560). It seems that in other countries such a collapse did not take place. Thus, the case of Finland gives an additional perspective on the Reformation period in northern Europe. ;
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Architecture ; Autel ; Bois ; Charpenterie ; Construction ; Economie ; Eglise ; Finlande ; Inachevé ; Maçonnerie ; Peinture murale ; Pierre ; Réforme ; 1400-1600 ;
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Altars ; Architecture ; Carpentry ; Churches ; Construction ; Economics ; Finland ; Masonry ; Mural painting ; Reformation ; Stone ; Unfinished ; Wood ; 1400-1600 ;
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