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Art, culture, and national identity in fin-de-siècle Europe; Cambridge; Cambridge University Press

National Romanian architecture : building national identity

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POPESCU, Carmen-Elena ;
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English ;
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Demonstrates how young Romanian architects, schooled mainly in Paris, sought to translate national ideology into an architectural vocabulary. Architectural journals played a central role in the cultural debates of the period, including the Analele arhitecturii si ale artelor cu care se leaga (Annals of architecture and of related arts) which was partly responsible for the formation of the Society of Romanian Architects in 1891 and the founding of the first school of architecture in the country, and Arhitectura, founded in 1906. In this year the national style gained official political recognition and became fashionable through the pavilions of the Romanian general exhibition. Commissions for public and private buildings included interior design and decorative arts. The aesthetics of the national style also embraced working-class housing, emulating European social and architectural principles. With the creation of Greater Romania, the national style became the official ideology, emerging also in memorials and in religious architecture. By the end of the 1920s, confronted by modernism, the national style changed direction: one approach stressed the ethnic aspect of tradition and the role of peasant culture, the other was characterized by a classical monumentalism, close to the fascist architecture of the time. The arrival of Communism augered the demise of a Romanian national style. ;
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Architecture ; Architecture vernaculaire ; Culture ; Esthétique ; Exposition ; Identité nationale ; Idéologie ; Modernisme ; Pavillon d'exposition ; Revue ; Roumanie ; 1800-1970 ; 1800-2000 ;
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Aesthetics ; Architecture ; Culture ; Exhibition buildings ; Exhibitions ; Ideology ; Modernism ; National identity ; Periodicals ; Romania ; Vernacular architecture ; 1800-1970 ; 1800-2000 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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