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Perugia fra tardoantico e altomedioevo : il complesso episcopale e lo spazio urbano tra continuità e trasformazioni

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SCORTECCI, Donatella ;
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La chiesa di Perugia nel primo millenio : atti del convegno di studi, Perugia, 1-3 aprile 2004; Spoleto; Fondazione Centro italiano di studi sull'alto medioevo ;
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Italian ;
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Studies the medieval urbanism of Perugia, focusing on the centers of religious and political power and attempting to define the pre-10th-c. location and history of the episcopal complex. From archaeological finds and other evidence, proposes that it was found near the site of the residence of S. Ercolano, bishop of Perugia (6th c.) and of the church of S. Silvestro (destroyed, 16th c.) near Palazzo Donini, where a Byzantine burial hoard was excavated in 1717. Suggests that this part of the city at the southern end of the _platea comunis' was under episcopal control during the Early Christian period and early Middle Ages, while the area of piazza IV Novembre and the present-day cathedral (S. Lorenzo) at the other end was occupied by a fortified palace (castello di S. Lorenzo) and its associated church. In the 10th c., the relics of S. Ercolano were transferred to the church of S. Lorenzo, thereafter the cathedral. ;
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18 p. of pl.; 34 ill.; 14 plans ;
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Architecture ; Château fort ; Eglise ; Ercolano, saint, évêque de Pérouse, m.547 ; Groupe épiscopal ; Haut Moyen Age ; Italie ; Paléochrétien (art) ; Perugia (ITA), Palazzo Donini ; Perugia (ITA), Piazza IV Novembre ; Perugia (ITA), S. Lorenzo (cathédrale) ; Perugia (ITA), S. Silvestro ; Reliques ; Trouvaille ; Trésor ; Urbanisme ;
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Archaeological finds ; Architecture ; Castles ; Churches ; Early Christian ; Early Middle Ages ; Episcopal complexes ; Ercolano, S., bishop of Perugia, d.547 ; Hoards ; Italy ; Perugia (ITA), Palazzo Donini ; Perugia (ITA), Piazza IV Novembre ; Perugia (ITA), S. Lorenzo (cathedral) ; Perugia (ITA), S. Silvestro ; Relics ; Urbanism ;
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Communication de congrès ;
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24803207 ;
ISBN 8879880772 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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