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Om Korpomadonnans datering och andra därmed sammanhängande frågor

On the dating of the Korpo Madonna and other related questions
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EDGREN, Helena ;
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Swedish ;
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The Korpo Madonna in the collection of the National Museum of Finland (Helsinki) is probably the oldest Medieval sculpture in Finland. The 70 cm high statue depicts the Virgin Mary sitting on a chair holding the Christ Child in her arms. The Child has disappeared. The writer discusses the dating and origin of the statue by examining the architectural decoration painted on the side of the chair, and the way the Child was placed on her lap. Edgren refers to German and Nordic comparative material and earlier research by C.A. Nordman and Selma Jonsdottir, and suggests that the wooden sculpture of the Virgin in the Cathedral of Chartres, Notre-Dame de Sous-Terre, could be the model of it. It is possible that it was made near Cologne and came to Finland through the Cistercian order. Edgren dates the statue ca.1200, i.e., decades earlier than Nordman. ;
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3 ill. ;
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Chartres (FRA), Notre-Dame (cathédrale) ; Cisterciens ; Helsinki (FIN), Suomen kansallismuseo ; Köln (DEU) ; Sculpture ; Vierge de Korpo ; 1100-1200 ; 1200 ;
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Chartres (FRA), Notre-Dame (cathedral) ; Cistercians ; Helsinki (FIN), Suomen kansallismuseo ; Korpo Madonna ; Köln (DEU) ; Sculpture ; 1100-1200 ; 1200 ;
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Article ;
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Finskt museum (1910), 1991, 98
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25129802 ;
ISSN 0355-1814 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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Finska fornminnesföreningen, Helsingfors
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