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Cyriacus of Ancona and the revival of two forgotten ancient personifications in the Rector's Palace of Dubrovnik

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KOKOLE, Stanko ;
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English ;
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Interpretation of a sculpture of an angelic figure on the facade of the Rector's palace in Dubrovnik, carved in the 1440s by Pietro di Martino da Milano. Suggests that the Latin inscription on a scroll held by the figure was written by Cyriacus of Ancona, and relates the inscription to two others in public places in the city (one at the same palace, the other on a fountain). Argues that the antiquarian Cyriacus's inscription identifies the angelic figure as Mens-Boule, a combination of two ancient personifications that can be roughly equated with Prudentia. Points out that Prudentia would be an appropriate pendant figure to the statue of Iustitia, also on the palace facade. Outlines the cultural and political context in which the sculpture was created and the inscription written, and concludes that 'in this unique statue...an archaeological discovery - together with epigraphical expertise and the study of ancient literature, history, and religion - were all ingeniously combined in order to create an allegorical figure that was despite its distinctly antiquarian touch ultimately a response to the genuine human fears and hopes of its time and place'. ;
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10 ill. ;
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Allégorie ; Croatie ; Cyriaque d'Ancône (Ciriaco de' Pizzicolli), 1391-1452 ; Dubrovnik (HRV), Knezev dvor ; Figure angélique ; Inscription ; Italie ; Pietro di Martino da Milano, v.1410-1473 ; Prudence ; Sculpture ; 1400-1500 ; 1440-1450 ;
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Allegory ; Angelic Figure ; Croatia ; Cyriac of Ancona (Ciriaco de' Pizzicolli), 1391-1452 ; Dubrovnik (HRV), Knezev dvor ; Inscriptions ; Italy ; Pietro di Martino da Milano, ca.1410-1473 ; Prudence ; Sculpture ; 1400-1500 ; 1440-1450 ;
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Article ;
Source :
Renaissance quarterly, 1996, 49, 2, summer
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25050453 ;
ISSN 0034-4338 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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Renaissance Society of America, New York, NY
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