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Das Retabel aus der Allerheiligenkirche Kleinschwarzenlohe und die Heilsbronner Schutzmantelmadonna : kunsthistorische Spurensuche zu zwei Stiftungen der Familie Kötzler aus der Mitte des 15. Jahrhunderts

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HÖRSCH, Markus ;
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German ;
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The author examines an altarpiece in the Germanisches Nationalmuseum, Nürnberg, whose provenance is not as secure as it is generally assumed. On the basis of a thesis put forward by Heinz Stafski he attributes the piece, formerly incorrectly called the 'Kornburg Intercessors Altarpiece,' to the All Saints Chapel in Kleinschwarzenlohe. Whereas the panels are on exhibition in the museum, the preserved but empty shrine is to be found in the storerooms, where it has been examined by the author. A detailed study leads him to the hypothesis that the painter of the altarpiece must have been influenced by the art of Austria. He therefore presumes that the artist came to Nürnberg from Austria around the middle of the 15th c. The altar's donor may be assumed to have been the family Kötzler which is known to have endowed the chapel. A member of the family, Ulrich Kötzler, was an abbot of the Heilsbronn monastery. This abbot is depicted on a painting of a Madonna of Mercy in Heilsbronn [Cistercian abbey church] which has been noted but not yet studied. The author attempts to associate this madonna with the altarpiece from Kleinschwarzenlohe. ;
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9 ill. (5 col.) ;
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Allemagne ; Autriche ; Commande d'oeuvre d'art ; Heilsbronn (DEU), abbaye cistercienne ; Iconographie ; Kleinschwarzenlohe (DEU), Allerheiligen ; Kötzler, famille, 14e-17e s. ; Nürnberg (DEU), Germanisches Nationalmuseum ; Peinture ; Retable ; Vierge de Miséricorde ; Vierge: De Miséricorde ; 1400-1500 ; 1450 ;
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Altarpieces ; Austria ; Commissions ; Germany ; Heilsbronn (DEU), Cistercian abbey ; Iconography ; Kleinschwarzenlohe (DEU), Allerheiligen ; Kötzler family, 14th-17th cs. ; Madonna of Mercy ; Mary, Virgin: Madonna of mercy ; Nürnberg (DEU), Germanisches Nationalmuseum ; Painting ; 1400-1500 ; 1450 ;
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Article ;
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Anzeiger des Germanischen Nationalmuseums und Berichte aus dem Forschungsinstitut für Realienkunde; Realität und Bedeutung der Dinge im zeitlichen Wandel : Werkstoffe : ihre Gestaltung und ihre Funktion, 1994
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25045456 ;
ISSN 0934-5191 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;