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Piazza Santa Trinita in Florence, 1427-1498

Author :
MURPHY, Kevin J. F. ;
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Courtauld Institute of Art, University of London
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English ;
Abstract :
Presents an account of the origins and 15th c. history of the Piazza S. Trinita. Investigates the use of the word 'piazza' in 14th and 15th c. Florence, the vocabulary of legislation, tax reports and everyday parlance in order to define the range of spaces and functions embraced by the term. Establishes the origins of the Piazza S. Trinita and defines its urban context. Explains how the space evolved through the actions of builders and as a consequence of the demands of traffic routes and city defences. Investigates the uses to which the buildings around the piazza were put and presents a residential history based on tax reports submitted by local household heads during the 15th c. An architectural analysis of the buildings arranged around the piazza then follows. Seeks to determine what influence the particularity of site might have had upon these buildings, and whether the piazza was characterised by any particular forms, materials or styles. Investigates the relationship between piazza residents and the church of S. Trinita. Considers the contribution they made to the rebuilding of the church during the 1390s and early 1400s through donation and through membership of a building committee. Analyses the notion that the Piazza constituted a unit of neighbourhood in any social, commercial or political sense. Investigates the boundaries of the Piazza, the parish and the local political ward (gonfalone), analyses the marriage connections, business partnerships and a range of local shops and services in order to judge the degree to which the Piazza was a self-contained topographical unit. ;
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2 v. (346 p., [79] p. of pl.); 109 ill. (some col.); maps; plans; typescript ;
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530 - BIBLIOGRAPHIE D'HISTOIRE DE L'ART ; 5304A - 1400-1800 ; Architecture ; 530-IV - 1400-1800 ;
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Architecture ; Architecture domestique ; Eglise ; Firenze (ITA) ; Firenze (ITA), Piazza S. Trinita ; Firenze (ITA), S. Trinita ; Grande-Bretagne ; Histoire ; Italie ; Mécénat ; Place ; Société ; Terminologie ; Thèse ; 1400-1500 ; 1427-1498 ;
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Architecture ; Churches ; Dissertations ; Domestic architecture ; Firenze (ITA) ; Firenze (ITA), Piazza S. Trinita ; Firenze (ITA), S. Trinita ; Great Britain ; History ; Italy ; Patronage ; Society ; Squares (urban spaces) ; Terminology ; 1400-1500 ; 1427-1498 ;
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Thèses ;
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25009224 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;